Wide Format Upgrade

Wide Screen Format

In recent years the computer screens have changed from a square to a rectangular wide format view. This is do to the change to the Hi-Res TV format that accomodates wide screen  programing and movies which is today's state of the art.
SwissMango offers a Wide Screen Format upgrade to all websites that were created in a 960 pixels width or less that were meant for the square screen format. It includes the ADA (American Disabilities Act) enhancement.
Here are samples of SwissMango Wide Screen Format websites:
SwissMango Wide Format demo site: wide.swissmangocms.com
SwissMango Coffee & Tee demo site: wdemo.swissmangocms.com
School House School Mueum site: www.schoolhousemuseum.org

Purchase Now - Special Project Pricing

  Item Price
New Header Design
Re-Design of Current Header
Special Project - Website Widening with Current Design
One time fee - Includes ADA Enhancement
Special Project - Website Re-Design & Wide Screen Format
One time fee - Includes ADA Enhancement