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Audubon of Martin County

By switching to SwissMango we were able to consolidate all of the website related programs we were using for Audubon of Martin County into one seamless integrated package.  Not only do we have a world class website, but we also have the ability to easily manage it along with our membership, newsletter, calendar of events, RSVPs, and online payments.
John Nelson                             

President, Audubon Martin County                                  www.audubonmartincounty.org

Education Foundation of Osceola County

I cannot say enough great things about Swiss Mango and their team. Kelly, Linda and Christian really care about their clients and their customer service is top notch! We have many different aspects to our organization, and we wanted our website to be easy for anyone to navigate and find all required information quickly. Swiss Mango exceeded our expectations, and delivered an excellent and professional website. I have used many different platforms to manage our previous websites, and this is by far the easiest and quickest program I have every used.

Thank you so much, Swiss Mango. Job well done!
Cindi Junkins,
Director of Mentoring Programs,
Education Foundation of Osceola County

IRSC Foundation, Inc.

It has been wonderfully reassuring to know our website needs are always understood by SwissMango. While I may have difficulty explaining in technology terms exactly what it is we do need; the leadership at SwissMango untangles the complications and works their magic! They always take my phone calls and have guided us every step of the way. I'm happy to be partnering with this firm to handle our website needs. I am completely satisfied!

Council on Aging of Martin County

The SwissMango group has been very supportive in our web site redesign and training with staff. Linda and their support group is always there for us and ready to help in making changes. Thanks!

Adam Levenson

Samaritan Center for Young Boys & Families, Stuart FL

Samaritan Center is the second organization at which I have had the pleasure of working with the SwissMango team. I find them to be professional, understanding of the organization's needs, patient, creative and thorough. The results always exceed my expectations. The product itself is easy to use...and should I forget something or want to try something new, the SwissMango team is always there to walk me through it. Any time I have the opportunity to recommend them....I do!
Amy Christensen

Foundation for Orange County Public Schools, Orlando FL

In my seven years with the Foundation for OCPS, we've had three different web site platforms. SwissMango provided our most current and it was a seamless transition with a professional uniform look across all pages. When we needed a feature that wasn't offered, their team worked with us to find a solution and/or develop that feature. We look forward to implementing the new "education package" for our Teacher Grants Program in the near future.

Twanna Scroggins

Pasco Education Foundation, Pasco County, FL

SwissMango's product and customer support is exemplary! Overall, the system is very user friendly and has great features. Highly recommend!

MJ Hollister & Associates, Stuart FL

After working with Joomla, Intuit Homestead Site Builder, and Yahoo Site Builder, I can't believe how simple it is to use SwissMango CMS. This is an "out of the box" web site management solution that works as advertised, and is literally as simple as they say it is.........Log in, Update, Submit, Done ! Thanks SwissMango for developing a fantastic product!
Matthew Hollister

United Way of Martin County

Before United Way of Martin County made the switch to SwissMango our website was archaic and difficult to navigate. Issues included:
  1. The site navigation bar consisted of a drop down menu that was embedded at the top of each page. This menu was easy to overlook and that made it difficult for visitors to navigate the website.
  2. In order to create an interactive homepage, a number of hours were spent on coding due to the fact that we had no easy way of creating something as simple as a slide show with hyperlinks. And, because we have a one-person marketing department, many other projects would have to be put on hold just to make updates to the website.
  3. Previous attempts to integrate third party software such as calendars, photo slide shows, embedded videos, etc. were for the most part successful, however, having to bounce back and forth from each website was inefficient.
  4. Not being able to make updates remotely was another area of concern as we were running DreamWeaver CS5 and it was only installed on one computer in the office. So, if the office were closed in the event of a disaster or even if the power went out, there would be no way to update the website.
  5. Online donations were taken via PayPal, which charged United Way a processing fee. We also didn't like the fact that donors had to leave the United Way website to make their donation.
  6. Although we had a Google Analytics setup, we were only tracking the traffic on the homepage and none of our other pages so we never had a good idea of what pages people were looking at. It's been about three months since we started using SwissMango CMS and we have seen a drastic decrease in time allocated for web updates and a considerable increase in our web and social media presence. Having the ability to make updates quickly and easily from any computer is fantastic, especially during our busy campaign season when more out of office time is required.
The SwissMango staff is also knowledgeable, easy to work with and they do their best to cater to each of their client's needs. If a business or a nonprofit is looking for a solution to their web management problems - look no further than SwissMango CMS. Warm regards!

Justin Beard
Communications and Marketing Director
United Way of Martin County

Highway Tire and Auto
I just want to thank Christian, Linda and their staff for doing such a great job helping me manage my website. They have really taken the work out of it. Their program is very easy to use and is full of great features. I recommend them to all my friends
Michael DiTerlizzi

The Bridge Effect Foundation, Inc.

I can't thank Swiss Mango enough for the support they have provided our foundation in its first year! The knowledge of current web trends, the local community communication preferences, and graphic design input has been game-changing; we couldn't have presented our cause to the community nearly as well without their expertise and support! Thank you Swiss Mango!
Scott Armstrong
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