Education Plus

SwissMango's™ Education Plus + Package allows communities to connect with teachers and students by contributing to the education of upcoming generations. With the support of a dedicated community and parents a child's academic prospects can be greatly enhanced.
The eNewsletter and RSVP modules allow for organizations to keep in touch with their supporters and manage events while using one seamlessly integrated system.

You can easily start with the Education Plus+ Package and upgrade it to a full Education Professional Package, which includes a complete website, as your needs grow.

What's Included:

  • Adopt-A-Classroom
  • Fund-A-Project
  • Community Opportunities
  • Online Payments
  • + eNewsletter (1000 emails/month)
  • + Events w/ Online Payments
  • + Donation Page

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  Item Price
Education Plus +
Monthly Payment
Education Plus + Setup
One Time Fee
eNewsletter Module + Events RSVP Module
Included for a Limited Time = $1100 Value | 5000 Sends per month Included | Dedicated IP Address Required
Online Payments - Education
Dedicated IP Address - Monthly
IP Address for eNewsletter emails - Monthly
  • 1 Hour/Year of Support
  • Additional Support Packages of 5/10/20 Hours/Year Available at a Discounted Rate