Spotlight Your Content

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

SwissMango provides you a number of effective communication tools to enhance your website. The spotlight column helps you highlight specific information to entice visitors to learn more.
The Spotlight Column resides on the right side of a page and can be used to highlight the information you want the visitors of your website to notice. There are two types of Spotlight Columns: Sitewide and Page Specific.
  • Sitewide Spotlight Columns can be seen on many or all of the page throughout the website (Unless otherwise specified) and can be edited from any page where they reside.
  • Page Specific Spotlight Columns can be used on a page you wish to have specific information showcased on.
In both Page Specific and Sitewide Spotlight Columns you are able to use Text, Links, Events, News, and Photos.
Using SwissMango will allow you to communicate with your audiences in so many different ways. Learn more about other features within the SwissMango online software.
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